What Every Traveler to Greece Should See and Do

Ray   February 15, 2017   Comments Off on What Every Traveler to Greece Should See and Do
The country of Greece is rich with history and culture, and even us within the United States can thank much of our heritage from this fantastic country. If you decide to travel to Greece, no doubt you want to be able to make the most of your trip, and see every sight that is worth stopping by. In this article, we will list some things that every traveler to the Hellenic Republic should see and do before returning home.

1. Visit Mount Athos

Mount Athos, or the Holy Mountain, is one of Greece’s and Orthodoxy’s most holy places. It is a peninsula that’s connected with the Greek mainland, but you’ll need a special permit to get in. Use Pelerinaje Athos Grecia for a travel service.

2. Eat Spanakopita

If you stop by any bakery in Greece, chances are they have a delicious treat for sale by the name of spanakopita. This is a savory pie that is traditionally filled with feta cheese, chopped spinach, onions (or scallions, depending on recipe), egg, and seasoning. This is definitely a yummy treat you do not want to leave the country without having tried!

3. Visit the Monasteries of Meteora

Meteora (a word that translates to “middle of the sky”) is a large formation of pillars and hills that seem to be made from boulders stacked upon each other. The 9th century saw the first of Meteora’s religious inhabitants when hermit monks came to settle there. At their peak within the 16th century, there were 24 monasteries operating at Meteora. Today, there are six that are still remaining. Four of the monasteries are inhabited by men and two by women. They have been opened up to the public, however, for the purpose of tourism, so Meteora is definitely a sight you want to see!

4. See the Acropolis

The Acropolis within Athens (the capitol of Greece) is a sight that every visitor to Greece wants to experience. It is a collection of ancient buildings of both historical and architectural significance that rests above the city of Athens. One of these buildings is the Parthenon. The Parthenon is a former temple that was dedicated to the worship of the goddess, Athena. Athena was the goddess that the people of Athens worshiped as their patron, and indeed the city is named for her.

5. Brush Up On Greek Culture and Mythology

The country of Greece has existed for thousands of years, and therefore, the history and mythology centered around this wonderful land is rich with information. Learning about the gods and goddesses that the ancient people of Greece worshiped, or reading the old stories about Heracles, and Jason and the Golden Fleece can help us to not only broaden our horizons but learn about the country in which we came from as well. The English language, the architecture in our American capitol, even the stories we have been told our whole lives partially have Greek roots. It’s worth learning about when visiting Greece.

So if you plan on visiting this wonderful country, there is plenty to see and do that will enrich your experiences while there. We by no means covered everything worth doing when in Greece, but if you check off spanikopita, the monasteries of Meteora, the Acropolis, and cultural education off your to-do list, you’ll be very glad you did!

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